Marmaris hotels
Marmaris hotels and resorts, hotels in Marmaris Turkey. Selected hotels, Serious service. Feb 17, 2019
Marmaris Hotels and Resorts, hotels in marmaris Turkey  
Marmaris hotels
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Around Marmaris
Around Marmaris - Marmaris Hotels and Resorts, hotels in marmaris Turkey

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Around Marmaris - Marmaris Hotels and Resorts, hotels in marmaris Turkey

Location: Marmaris

Marmaris Castle : The records revealed that the castle is constructed by the Ionians.Going through an overhaul during the reign of Alexander the Great, it finally widened and rerepaired by Suleiman the Magnifient in 1522. The castle opened as a museum in 1991. Marmaris castle also inhabits a museum which contains several pieces of historical artifacts.


Physkos, Loryma, Amos, Cedrae (Cleopatra or City Islands), Castabus (Pazarlık),Erine, Saranda (Söğüt),Bybassios, Euthenna (Altınsivrisi) are the historical sites of Marmaris.

Apart from the Cedrae (Cleopatra or City Islands), much of the sites have not much to explore in asmuch as the ruins which could not stand the abrasive force of time. Howver some well-preserved ruins are exhibited at the museum.

Cedrea (Cleopatra or City Island )
City Island is comprised of Orta Island and Küçük Island. The ancient ruins of Cedrea in the island of Saray dates back to helenistic Roman era.

The island took its name from the rumour that Cleopatra swam with the locals in a small bay at the northwest of the island. Furthermore, she was supposed to have entered the sea with Mark Anthony, the sands of which were transferred from Northern Africa via ships by Anthony – which may be true as this type of sand is only seen in Egypt.

Marmaris having an outstanding natural harbour has three marinas with 1100 capacity and nine yatcht yards with 1200 capacity. Various festivals are organized in order to promote for the yacht tourism which is evidenced by its being a focal point of the Blue Voyages.


CENNNET ISLAND: Covered with rampart forests, cennet ısland is an ideal stopover destination for boat trips and daily cruises. Deep blue sea tending to luminious turquoise temps the visitors to plunge into the cool waters.

FOSFORLU CAVERN: Boat trips heading for Turunç and Kumlubuk drop achor at the vicinity of this natural cavern, It’s known to be a highly favorable place for swimming.

MINERAL SPRING: This province has a relatively high standing for it embodies the Sultaniye Kaplıcaları termal springs and mud baths, Its popularity also attributed to its beach and other tourism facilities.

TURUNC.: The village on the east cost of the Hisaronu penınsula , is 21 km from Marmaris and accessible by road and sea . Compared to the other locales, it had undergone an urban development discernible by the tourist resorts, hotels, villas and restaurants. However the pristine nature fleshed-out by the pine trees is tightly cemented with its 500 m beach.

KUMLUBUK: It is a small village 6 km by road from Turunç is also accesible by boat from Marmaris.The water is clean for swimming.

CIFTLIK: The bay of Çiftlik has a small ısland within the bay that calls for exploration. Itr is especially favored by the sailors as a good spot for their yachts.Tourism facilities have developed for the last 10 years with an ever-increasing pace. Ciftlik is also highly deemed favorable for jeep-faring safari tours.

BOZBURUN: The village bozburun is an another example of locales where the nature and the sea is merged in a very enchanting canopy. 50 km away from Marmaris, its accesible with buses that fosters the pleasure of a day trip. Its isolated location and peaceful atmosphere attracted many people escaping from the distressing conditions of the city liffe. Although there is not any proper beaches, you can delight in swimming off the rocks. The hallmark of Bozburun is the 1000 year-old three which is known to be the oldest in Turkey.

GUNNUCEK: The Gunluk Forest, with rarely seen species of plants, is 2km from Marmaris. Sigla oil, which is collected from the trees, is used in the pharmaceutical and perfume industry

YALANCI STRAIT: 8 km away from the Marmaris has acquired its ‘fake strait’ name after a ship captain who mistook the place as a strait here the strait at a stormy weather,.Also at Yılancı Strait there are wooden buit Gulet shipyards.
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marmaris hotels  
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